Where are the prices? Packages are available for your consideration. In general I prefer to talk things over with a client to discover what suits them best. My approach to photography is very personable, with no factory like production.

What is all the presentation stuff? After the photography is done, it should be presented. We offer an almost endless selection of frames, matting, glass, wraps, and other options of your choosing. Price options are plentiful. We strongly suggest that archival methods are chosen for your prints.  Photography generally tends to gain it's value as time passes, an archival method of presentation ensures that your piece will maintain it's beauty for decades.

How long is a shoot? It generally takes one to three hours for the principal photography to be done. Photo set-ups, backgrounds, lighting, clothes changes, hair and so on, takes time to accomplish.  There are exceptions for headshots and corporate portraits, which can be taken care of in a few minutes. It should be noted for quick shoots that setting up the for the shot still takes time, just that a stand in is used until the actual client is photographed.

Can I get a disk or flash drive instead of prints? For commercial customers, we will provide you with any common format of your choosing, including a copy of the Raw*. For our non-commercial customers, we don't sell electronic versions. We care deeply about the quality of our work, and so limit them to prints or other products that we sell.



* The ownership rights to our work is not for sale. If any of our work is used in anyway that violates copyright law, we will pursue all legal means deemed necessary.