I have always been fascinated with what I see. As a child, I often found myself fascinated with the world around me. A trait I still have with me to this day. Camping and spending time outdoors gave me appreciation for the enormity of what can be experienced. I have many interest, and I have found ways to tie them all together through creative means. My values are centered around the importance of details, and being able to achieve success in my interest. That has meant to always do my best with any task at hand. I got my degree of applied science in photography  in 2008. I have used large format film, medium digital and my normal set  full frame DSLR's, medium format film, and have an extensive collection of pro studio gear. I have the full suite of Adobe CC software and know Illustrator, Indesign, Muse and Photoshop.I am currently trying to lean Dreamweaver. I hope you enjoy this website.  Feel free to contact me.